Friday Random Ten: Damn the Man! Edition

It is really Friday already?

I'm still annoyed that I can't blog at work anymore. I do my best thinking when I'm pretending to be working! I'll do my best to write at work and blog from home, but I trust you'll all forgive me if I slack a bit. After all, I've been slacking for months now and you all still love me, right?

I'm really enjoying this MyPlaylist thingy...though the site is slower than molasses at times. And apparently I have strange taste in music since I can't find half the songs on my FRT, so I have to upload them to the site. But it's fun to think that people are listening along with me, singing along just as poorly to Woody Guthrie.

So, here's my ten, leave yours in the comments:


annamaria at 6:14 AM

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at Saturday, January 20, 2007 12:51:00 PM Anonymous rich said...

My Saturday random-ish 10!:

1: Christine Fellows - Bird As Prophet
2: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Sons Of Cain
3: Low - Violent Past
4: Mates Of State - Punchlines
5: Kultur Shock - God Is Busy, May I Help You?
6: The Format - Dog Problems
7: Immaculate Machine - Dear Confessor
8: Alina Simone - Every Fresh Start You Make
9: The Hold Steady - Massive Nights
10: The Little Ones - Heavy Hearts Brigade


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