She's baaaack!*

Hey, remember how I told you about my coworker Psycho? The one who didn’t show up to work for three days because she had a tummy ache? After a severe talking to from my boss, she went on this amazing spree wherein she not only showed up to work every day, but even managed to get there on time. That lasted for a few months, and we all thought the worst was behind us.

I’m sure you can see where I am going with this. We were all wrong.

It is March 14th, which means that we have had exactly fifty working days since the beginning of the year. Psycho has missed fourteen of those. She’s also been late twenty times. Sometimes being late means showing up at 7:37 when you’re supposed to be there at 7:30. For Psycho, being late means showing up at 8:15.

She called in yesterday, claiming the flu. Then she called our supervisor to let her know that she wouldn't be in today either. This is the best part: when our supervisor asked if she had seen the doctor, Psycho told her that she didn't go because she had to go to school last night. Fuck! She's well enough to go to her little interior design** classes, but heaven forbid she get her lazy ass out of bed and make it to the job that pays for her fucking tuition!

Our computer systems have just been upgraded (which is another thing I've been bitching about around here), and for the next few weeks we're running dual systems to make sure that all the information we put in the new inventory system is backed up in the event that the whole thing crashes. In Psycho's absence, I've been doing her job, which means that I have to do my own job twice (dual systems), and then her job twice. I'm angry and stressed and I'm pretty sure that I am going to hurt her when she finally shows up to work.

Okay, end rant. Deep breaths. My doctor has already scheduled me for a stress test, and it wouldn't do to have a heart attack before then. In the meantime, I'm going to find a picture of her and tape it to my wall...as soon as I can scare up some darts to throw at it.

*Isn't it funny that Psycho's absence corresponds with Jen's triumphant return to blogging? Hmmmm...
**No offense to interior designers. Some of my best friends are interior designers.

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annamaria at 12:59 PM

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at Tuesday, March 14, 2006 4:15:00 PM Blogger Kurt said...

wow, no wonder GM cars cost so much. ha! and they want to blame it on health care costs.

at Wednesday, March 15, 2006 8:31:00 AM Blogger annamaria said...

Oh, Kurt, you don't know the half of it. Psycho is what we like to call double-scab; the main contract house didn't have anyone to fill her position, so they borrowed her from another contract company and billed my major American automotive industry corporation* bosses (MAAIC) for it. Basically, MAAIC pays more for her than any other contract employee all so that they don't have to pay for her health benefits. Of course, since she hasn't worked here long enough to accrue vacation time, the contract houses love her since they don't have to pay her for the days she misses--but they still get to charge MAAIC for her. Ah, isn't capitalism a beautiful thing?

*Names changed to protect my job!


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